The Llama Man is a multimedia documentary and international community art project. In 2015 artist Martin Muñoz (b. 1940 Mendoza, Argentina), created an English Library in Mendoza Argentina with recycled books from New York’s Catskill Mountains. Video artist Otto Ohle (b. 1993 Hudson, New York) began working with Muñoz in 2012, photographically documenting the library from inception to completion.

Why an English Library in Argentina? Muñoz has always been an environmentally conscious human. When he moved to New York City from Mendoza, he trotted his llama, Chiqui, around Manhattan, expressing his views on Animal rights while handing out anti-nuke buttons. He also sold polaroid photos to tourists with the animal. As an immigrant in America, reading allowed helped him to learn & understand the English language. Muñoz also saw how often people in America would throw books away. Over the course of 40 years, Muñoz mass recycled 20,000 American books of all genres, with a focus on art, environmentalism, and culture.

The library is a testament to dedication & perseverance - an attempt to show the world a side of The United States that they don’t formally see in the media (world peace). As an artwork, the library highlights new alternatives regarding waste and recycling. Equally, the library is a safe space welcoming artists, intellectuals, and all forwarding thinking individuals to study, perform, and make work.